About Our Hearing Clinic

What makes us so different?

So many reasons to come and see us:

1. Our education. Our Doctor of Audiology has an 8 year degree in Audiology and over 16 years experience. Our Hearing Instrument Practitioner has a 4 year Bachelor of Science Degree and a 2 year Hearing Practitioner Diploma specializing in hearing aid trouble shooting and programming (6 year total) and over 16 years experience.

*Combining the expertise of a Doctor of Audiology AND a Certified Hearing Instrument Practitioner ensures your success and provides you with the best service in the industry!

2. Our family approach. We treat each individual as if they were our own family. We believe in community support and strive to accommodate the needs and schedules of our clients. We value the ability to hear and want only the best for each of our “family” members. We are also family run and fully independent!

3. Our Pricing. We offer low prices on all hearing aids everyday!

4. Our Guarantee: We find solutions that are right for YOU!

5. Our Products and Services: We provide professional audiology services in hearing testing/diagnostics, hearing aid evaluation and fitting, hearing aid adjustment / troubleshooting, repairs, in-clinic demonstrations, aural rehabilitation, communicative and perceptual consultation, counselling, custom hearing protection and custom ear monitors for music listening and for musicians. We do it all!

We have also been serving the Fraser valley for over 28 years!